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Why iCharger?

OK OK this all sounds pretty good. Talk me into buying one of these iChargers.

Getting a good computerised charger should be seen as an investment. Safely charging your batteries and in the long term saving you money by extended battery life, as well as increasing enjoyment when using whatever you are running; whether it's a radio control hobby, electronic equipment, power tools or any battery operated gear.

Battery technology will ultimately play a big part of our day to day lives as we slowly move in the direction of reusable energy.

iCharger will recharge and condition any popular rechargeable battery chemistry. Including, Lipo (lithium-Ion Polymer), Lilo (Lithium Ion), Life (Lithium Iron), Pb (Lead acid), NiCd (Nickel Cadium), NiHm (nickel-metal hydride). You can even charge your car, motorcycle or truck batteries (lead acid) with this product.
Charge any number of cells. The maximum number of cells depends on the iCharger model. The entry level iCharger charges 1-6 cell Lithium, 1-17 NiHm/NiCd, 2-12 Lead Acid (2v – 24v). You can charge one AAA or a complicated battery pack consisting of numerous cells in parallel and in series.
iCharger can balance charge 6 same cell (Lithium) battery packs at the same time! More On This

Balance Charge
All iCharger models have built in balance charge functions. Balance charging popular Lithium type batteries ensuring each battery cell voltage is equal. Increasing life of the battery, increasing total voltage and ensuring maximum power and running time. There is no longer a need to have a cell balancer working alongside your charger to balance charge your Lithium batteries.
iCharger balance function offers greater user control. With 3 different balance modes. Either balance charging a battery pack from beginning, or when a voltage reaches user set level or part way through a Lithium charge cycle.

Data Screen
Backlit LCD screen showing all important data during a charge / discharge cycle as well as at the end of the function. Critical charge data information such as battery voltage, battery resistance (lithium), per cell battery voltage (Lithium), charge/discharge current, capacity, time, cell count, battery type, charger temperature, battery temperature, capacity and more!
Accurately showing the condition of the battery by allowing user to compare the discharge and charge capacity data with the batteries actual rated capacity. Traditionally a battery is nearing the end of its life if it cannot produce 70% of its rated capacity.

Charge / Discharge Functions
Various charging/discharging settings and cycles to meet a wide range of customer needs. All functions have endless user set parameters, current, voltage cutoff, capacity cut off and safety settings.
Cycle charge mode to cycle charge or discharge a battery by a user set number of cycles. Useful for breaking in new batteries or rejuvenating old and unused batteries.
End data showing critical information to user about the condition of the battery. Storage charge function to charge a battery to user set capacity setting. Used for long term storage and care for batteries.

Power and Size
iCharger uses advanced synchronous buck boost DC/DC converter technology with an output conversion efficiency that can reach over 90%. Offering the highest output power rating than any other charger with similar features.
The entry level iCharger 106B+ has a 250 watt power rating, while the top model iCharger 3010B carrying a power rating of 1000w and a maximum current of 30a.
iCharger has the smallest size to power ratio than any other similar featured charger in the market.

In Lithium battery function mode, measure internal resistance of battery and per cell voltage of a multi cell battery pack. Internal resistance of a battery pack increases over use and this useful feature will show the condition of any Lithium battery pack by displaying overall and per cell resistance.

Lithium Battery Monitor
Lithium battery monitor function that shows useful battery data such as internal resistance and per call voltage when the battery is being charged in another charger or used in an external application. Setting an alarm off if any user set setting is reached or exceeded.

Safety Features
Safety is always at the forefront of iCharger products. Particularly when dealing with volatile Lithium battery chemistry. Temperature sensor and temperature cutoff functions are standard in all iCharger products. Shutting down iCharger function of the internal iCharger temperature reaches a user set setting or if the batteries external temperature exceeds a user set setting.
Timer cut off. If iCharger does not automatically stop battery charging cycle due to the condition of battery or other unrelated factors. User can set a maximum time limit for the charging function. Shutting the iCharger down if the set time is reached.
Voltage cutoff in discharge mode will stop discharge function when battery voltage or per cell voltage (in balance Lithium mode) reaches a user set setting. Avoiding damaging batteries by over discharging.
Capacity cut off. iCharger will stop a charge cycle when the user set capacity (mah) is reached. Cell count. iCharger will check cell count and display an error if it does not match user set cell count for a battery pack.

User Control
Greater user control of all functions. Giving user ability to set charge current, cutoff voltage, temperature cutoff, number of cycle, storage %, number of cells, battery type and more.

Memory Storage
Store setting of up 10 batteries for easy recall to begin an iCharger function.

Regenerative Discharge (not on 106B+)
During discharge, iCharger has the ability to use part of the discharge energy to recharge the input power source. This is useful if you are using a car or motorcycle battery to power the iCharger. In discharge mode with the regenerative discharge function set to on, part of the discharge current is regenerated back through the car or motorcycle battery power source to recharge that at the same time.
This function will only work if the power source is a battery.

PC Connectivity
USB port on all iCharger models allow easy upgrade and integration with PC.
iCharger is compatible with Logview software Allowing PC analysis of charge data.
iCharger is firmware upgradable. Allowing upgrade of iCharger firmware as manufacturer releases new versions of products internal operating system.

Other amazing functions I like but will probably never use?
Useful variable power supply for tools, such as hot wire foam cutters or hobby soldering irons.
Motor tune in function. Use to break in electric brushed motors. Displaying data such as current draw, voltage etc.
Potentially will predict this weeks lotto results.

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