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Battery Charger with More Features
Charge, Discharge, Balance Charge, Form Charge, Storage Charge, Cycle Charge, Battery Monitor, as well as useful power supply for hot wire foam cutters, soldering irons and electric motor tune in.


Number 1 in Safety
Reverse polarity and short circuit cut off. Unique battery charger design with internal and external temperature cut off safety. Timer and capacity limit settings, as well as many more user set safety features. iCharger's innovative circuitry and design has user safety as its number one priority.


iCharger will recharge and condition any popular (rechargeable) battery chemistry. As a Lipo charger, it will manage; Lipo (lithium-Ion Polymer), Lilo (Lithium Ion), Life (Lithium Iron). As a Lead Acid Battery Charger, it will manage all automotive, marine and mobility lead acid batteries (Pb). As a conventional NiCd / NiMh battery charger, it will manage and restore NiCd (Nickel Cadium) and NiMh (nickel-metal hydride) batteries.


How Many Batteries?
iCharger battery charger is capable of charging any combination of batteries or battery packs. Whether it is one single AAA, a 12v Lead Acid car battery, or a complicated series of parallel or series battery packs at the same time.


More Power
iCharger uses advanced synchronous buck boost DC/DC converter technology with an output conversion efficiency that can reach over 90%. It offers a higher output power rating than any other charger of its size. iCharger will deliver its rated amp rating, no matter what size the battery is that's being charged.


Smallest Size Possible
iCharger has the smallest size to power ratio than any other similar featured charger in the market.


Battery Balancer
All iCharger models have a built in balance charging function. Capable of balance charging 1-10 cell (depending on model) Lithium Batteries (lipo, Lilo, Life) ensuring each cell's voltage is perfectly matched, maximizing power output, as well as increasing battery life. iCharger is revered as the most accurate balance charger and is quickly becoming the world's preferred RC battery charger, as well as general battery conditioner.


Display Data On Screen
Display Battery Voltage, Input Voltage, Current Draw, Capacity, as well as Per Cell Voltage and Resistance (in balance model). Make your decision based on exactly what is happening with the battery.


Change Setting Half Way Through
Change settings, current, end voltage, safety setting while the battery charger is charging a battery. No more stopping and starting and forgetting where you where or how long is left before the battery is charged.


PC Connectivity
All iChargers are PC compatible for easy firmware upgrades, as well as integration with software for accurate analysis, comparison and trouble shooting of any battery.

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