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iCharger 3010B is capable of charging any lithium battery up to 10 cells. As well 25 cell NiMh/NiCd batteries and 2-36v lead acid automotive or marine batteries.
By utilising iCharger 3010B 10 lipo cell count capacity, the user is given the freedom to charge more than one same capacity lipo pack at the same time. With 1000 watt rated power at 30 amps, iCharger 3010B has more than enough power to charge any size battery (or batteries) as quickly as the battery manufacturer specifies. No more waiting hours or overnight to use your battery.
iCharger 3010B is one of the highest rated chargers available in the market. Housed in a compact, portable design.


Input Voltage: 4.5-38 Volts
DC Charge Current Range: 0.05 – 30.0
Amps Discharge Current Range: 0.05 – 30.0 Amps
Maximum Charge Power Capacity: 1000 watt at input voltage greater than 23 volt
Maximum Discharge Power Capacity: 80 watt
Current Drain for Balancing: <5000ma
Balance Accuracy: <10mv
Lithium (LiPo/Lilo/Life) Battery Cell Count: 1-10 series
NiMh/NiCd Battery Cell Count: 1-25 Series
Pb (Lead Acid) Cell Count: 1-18 series (2-36v)
Log File Storage: 16 Mbit (31 Hours)
Battery Setup Memories: 10
Intelligent Temperature Control: Yes
PC Connect: USB Port
Weight: 750g
Dimensions (LxWxD): 143x123x46


Please Note:

The iCharger 3010+ standard package does not include a balance board. Compatible JST-XH, Polyquest, Hyperion or Thunderpower balance boards are available separately.

Download iCharger 3010B User Manual

iCharger 3010B

SKU: I301b
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  • 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty

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