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Small size with multiple functions. Backlight 128x64 lattices LCD and Buzzer Tone Reminder.

Alarms can be set to monitor; Cells Voltage, Pack Voltage, Timer Over, Current, Power, Capacity, Temperature, RPM, Period and Pulse. An extra alarm output can be linked and controlled by the users. With a set of 8 default monitor alarm settings, which can be selected for different battery packs.

PowerLog 6S allows bidirectional current sensing, adopting 0.2 mΩ current sampling resistor with low insertion loss.

1 channel 0-60V voltage measurement. 6 channels cells voltage measurement (can not only measure
1-6S Li/ NiMH/NiCd/ Pb battery individual voltage, but also measure 6 channels 0.05-28V voltage).

4 channels temperature measurement. With 1 channel internal temperature measurement and 3
channels external temperature measurement.

Propeller RPM measurement, using a non-contact optical sensor. User set propeller blade number setting.

PWM signal measurement: frequency, period, pulse width and duty cycle.

PWM output manual and auto mode. In auto mode user can break in servos and electronic speed controllers and R/C switches.

Motor KV measurement. Can be used with (2 Wire) brushed motors as well as (3wire) brushless motors.

PowerLog 6S has been 100% calibrated before it enters into the market. Calibration settings can also be changed and altered by the user.

PowerLog 6S has a 16Mbit flash storage, which can log offline data in 33 hours @2 seconds logging interval.

Celllog 8S is firmware upgradable using USB port and a PC. Adopting HID protocol, dispense with installing driver from PC, plug and play.

PowerLog 6S supports logview software. Logview allows user to plot and analyse all relevant battery data. More information on LogView software is available at


Input Voltage Range: 4.5 – 60.0VDC
Current Measurement Range: -130A – +130A
Cell Voltage Range: 0.05 – 28.0VDC
External Temperature Measurement Range: -55℃– +125℃
Pulse Measurement Range: 10us–999999us
Pulse Width Output Range: 0–20ms (0.5us step)
Tachometer Measurement Range: 0–99999 RPM
Voltage Resolution / Accuracy: 0.001V / 0.5%
Current Resolution / Accuracy: 0.01A / 5%
Current Loading Of Test: 12mA
Maximum Voltage For Alarm Port: 50VDC
Current Drain For Alarm Port: <500mA
Log Files Storage: 16Mbit (33 hours@2 seconds interval)
Sample Logging Time Interval: 0.25 – 3600 second
PC Connect: USB port
Weight: 29g
Dimensions (L X W X D): 85mm x 40mm x 13mm

Download PowerLog 6s User Manual

PowerLog 6S

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  • 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty

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