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iCharger NZ provides after sale service and repair for all iCharger models purchased through one of our recommended retailers. If you have purchased an iCharger from one of iCharger NZ's recommended retailers and require service or repair of your charger, you can contact us directly and we will service your charger locally. No need to pay for expensive express courier service overseas, just send it in to our Auckland offices and we will have a look at it for you.

All iCharger's purchased through one of iCharger's recommended retailers carry a 12 month warranty. If the product has failed in normal use and within the manufacturer terms and conditions of use, Contact Us and we will repair your unit for free! If the charger is deemed unrepairable, we will issue you a brand new replacement.

If it is outside of the standard 12 month warranty, a $25 inspection fee will apply and one of our engineers will contact you with an estimate before any more work is done. Should you decide to progress with the repair, the $25 inspection fee will go towards the total cost of repair.

Before we can accept your charger, you will be required to provide a proof of purchase receipt or email confirmation to show us the date you purchased the charger and the retailer you purchased the charger from. Please note, if you did not purchase an iCharger from one of our recommended retailers, we will not be able to help you. We cannot accept a charger without a proof of purchase receipt.

To find out if you have purchased your charger from one of our recommended retailers, Click Here.


Loan Charger

iCharger is relied on, not only by hobby RC users, but in many professional industries as a critical battery management system. Our customers range from laboratory and test environments, professional aerial photography and surveying, the film industry, as well as RC hobby fanatics.

We understand that you rely heavily on your charger for all your battery management requirements, as a result it is not always practical to be without your charger even for a few days. If you need to service your charger, but still need a charging solution while your charger is being tested and repaired, ask us about our loan charger programme.

If you have purchased an Charger through one of our recommended retailers, we will be happy to provide you a loan charger while your charger is being tested and repaired.

Special terms and conditions apply. Contact Us to find out more.